ADAM Sandler made a trip to Ireland late last month to promote his comedy You Don't Mess With the Zohan, and the mega-star was so taken in with the place that he can't wait to come back and film a flick there.

Sure, that's what they all say, right? Maybe, but Sandler spent a couple of days in Dublin and seemed genuinely impressed with the scene - and, he said, the Guinness. He was joined for the red carpet premiere by his co-star and regular sidekick Rob Schneider - another Ireland fan - and a whole bunch of local Irish celebs eager to score face time with the star.

"I'd love to work here," Sandler told the media. "I went for a jog in the park earlier and I was thinking it would be great to shoot a movie here. It's just beautiful, I love being here. I've no idea what yet but I'll think about it for next time I'm here."

After the premiere at the Savoy Cinema, where hundreds of fans waited in the horrible weather for a glimpse of the stars, Sandler and company hit the town for the aforementioned Guinness and some old fashioned Irish craic - the fun kind, of course.

"I've been here before but this is my first time to get to hang out and have fun. I'm going to get in my Guinness right after this and I'll be staying up late," he said.

Sandler shared a story with the Evening Herald about his affinity for the Irish, courtesy of a friend's tattoo. Said pal is Irish, and likes to sing drunken ballads while pulling down his pants to show his shamrock marker located just above his groin.

"It's just one of those countries that I've always felt, hey, I belong there," he said. "There's a sense of humor that I relate to instantly. And, sure enough, it hasn't let me down. Me and Rob went out on the town last night, had quite a few Guinness - 12 is quite a few, right? - and I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time."

The pub where Sandler and Schneider - who says he's considering traveling to Ireland to shoot an upcoming TV show - enjoyed their drinks is enjoying the publicity generated from Sandler's thank you note that he penned just before he left.

The Blarney Inn has no doubt put the letter up on its wall, complete with a smiley face the star drew. "To Christian and staff, Thanks for the Irish stew and the Irish love. Happy Christmas even though it's July. Adam Sandler."

A source at the bar says, "Adam really enjoyed his evening, soaking up the traditional Irish atmosphere." And he's got manners too. For once, a star who actually acts like a nice, normal human being!