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Sacha Baron Cohen, the comedian behind cult sensations Ali G, Borat and Bruno, is moving to Ireland this summer so he can be with girlfriend Isla Fisher while she films “Your Highness.”

Fisher, the long time partner of the English star, is about to star with Natalie Portman, James Franco and Danny McBride in the David Green-directed medieval comedy.

The Australian actress is best known for her role in Aussie soap "Home and Away," and  for playing the crazy sister in “Wedding Crashers.”

Cohen’s new movie “Bruno,” in which he plays a flamboyant Austrian male model/TV presenter, is about to hit the screens on July 10 and the couple, along with their daughter Olive, have been globe-trotting on a promotional tour for the flick.

The two were set to marry in August 2006, but busy careers have got in the way of their wedding and they have had to put their marriage plans on hold for the time being.

The two are currently looking into homes in Ireland for the duration of their stay.