READ MORE: Olivia Wilde joins Ryan Reynolds on 'The Change Up'

Fans may be surprised to hear that the entire premise of Ryan Reynold’s new film revolves around him and co-star Jason Bateman peeing together in a fountain in “The Change up”

Reynolds plays a womanizer who has a long list of female admirers and conquests. While Bateman is a loyal married father of twins, who is exhausted from his busy work and home life schedule.

After a night out in the bar the pair pee in a mountain and reflect on how much they wish they had each others lives and when lightning strikes, their wish comes true.

Olivia Wilde plays the a tempting co-worker of Batemans in this comedy, which comes from the writers of “The Hangover”.

The film hits theaters August 5.

Ryan ReynoldsChris Hatcher / PR Photos