Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell’s recent movie isn’t gaining fans too quickly.

The set for Crowe and Farrell’s upcoming movie based on “Winter’s Tale” is currently clogging Red Hook, a Brooklyn neighborhood still trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Shooting in Brooklyn was scheduled to have been completed by Thanksgiving, but shooting has been extended. The film has caused traffic delays, blocked accessed to parking spaces need by clean up volunteers and disrupted residents’ work to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Local Frank Kerrigan said told the NY Post, “The crew’s taking up all the parking spaces on the streets that residents and business owners desperately need to help the area dig out and recover.” Additionally, business owners complain that Conover Street is full of the crew’s cars.

One local resident said filming began too soon after Sandy. They said, “People are still trying to dig out. Fairway was under six feet of water. Now the movie has a craft services tent in the parking lot.”

The reason for the delay in shooting is unclear. Kerrigan asked a crew member why the shooting was extended and the crew member said the reason was Crowe had not showed up for filming last week. When Kerrigan asked how much longer the shooting would be extended, the crew member replied as long as it took Crowe to film his scenes.

A film source denies that Crowe missed any scheduled shootings. The source added that filming schedules have been “shuffled” because of Sandy and the film has been working closely with the City of New York. Crowe’s representative also denied that he had missed any scheduled filming. She said his first scheduled day was Sunday and he had only visited the set once before for “pre-production.” There was no comment from a representative of the film.

In “Winter’s Tale” Crowe plays gangster Pearly Soames who teams up with an Irish thief, played by Colin Farrell to rob the Manhattan home of a rich family. Farrell falls in love with the heiress, played by Jessica Brown Findlay from ‘Downtown Abbey’ before she dies. The film also stars Jennifer Connelly and Will Smith. The movie, set in nineteenth century New York, is based on a novel by Mark Helprin. Film release is scheduled for 2013.

Check out Darren Redmond’s video on the recovery in Redhook: