Russell Brand has seriously thought about marrying the love of his life Katy Perry in Ireland but not in a "poncy" castle."

Talking to reporters while in Ireland promoting his new movie "Get Him to the Greek" Brand said he would love to wed Katy in Ireland but he is not the castle type.

"That would be too poncy," he said.

"We're definitely not getting married in America and definitely not in England. Ireland is between those two countries so it could well be here," he said.

"Those countries come with a lot of hoopla and intrusion and it's meant to be a solemn union between a man and woman.

"I love this country. I've done a lot of stand-up here and I always like the Irish. We have the same sense of humour. I wouldn't marry in an Irish castle, it's too poncy, but I might in a field."

But at the end of the day it will be up to Perry he said.

"I'm not in charge of weddings, that's Katy's job," he continued.

Katy Perry and fiance Russell Brand would like to marry in Ireland