Is anything off limits for Limerick’s favorite duo, The Rubberbandits? Their newest video, “Black Man” answers with a resounding “probably not”. Their latest ditty is based on the premise of the lads looking for a new member for their gang - a black man - after just about every other nationality is represented, albeit stereotypically.

In keeping with their other hits such as the ever so epic, “Horse Outside,” “Black Man” could be headed for the coveted number one spot for Christmas. Last year, Blindboy Boat Club and Mr. Chrome, the personalities of The Rubberbandits, topped out at the second spot with “Horse Outside.”

Perhaps their album, ‘Serious About Men,’ to be released this Friday, will help spur the attention the duo needs to hit the number one spot. If not, then perhaps their new slew of ‘Comedy Blaps’ on Channel 4 in Ireland will. Their latest “Alarm Clock” was released last Thursday and has close to 14,000 views since then.

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The Limerick Leader reports that a spokesperson for The Rubberbandits said that “Channel 4 are delighted with the success” of the Comedy Blaps and said that “talks were progressing” in hopes of launching a full-scale pilot for the channel.

“Channel 4 are very happy with everything and there was huge interest in the lads on the UK tour, which was really strong in terms of sales,” said a spokesperson.

The Rubberbandits recently wrapped up a sold-out nine date tour in the UK, and will be headed for Australia for performances come January. In March, they’ll take on the US and Canada for another leg of touring.

Catch the video (and dance routine!) below for The Rubberbandits’ “Black Man”: