Rosie O’Donnell openly discussed her feud with talk show host Kelly Ripa while filling in for Anderson Cooper on his talk show “Anderson Live”.  The Irish American host was joined by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and co host NeNe Leakes.

The feud between O’Donnell and Ripa started while American Idol runner up Clay Aiken was co-hosting with Ripa. He put his hands over Ripa’s mouth and she reacted by saying she did not know where his hands had been. O’Donnell said Ripa was acting homophobic towards Aiken.

The feud has been going on for six years. Many had thought the two had made up, but it became clear they had not when they were seated next to one another at Madonna’s concert in New York City on November 12. O’Donnell tweeted, “Kelly Ripa- the girl can hold a grudge . . . #MadonnaMSG.” O’Donnell has defended her tweet saying that she did not insult Ripa and that Ripa is allowed to hold a grudge if she wants.

Despite the tweet, O’Donnell says she is ready to forgive. Referencing her heart attack in August, O’Donnell said, “I just have got to let it go, just let it go since my heart attack, let it go.” O’Donnell has denied disliking Ripa and says she has apologized to her.

Anderson Cooper is on location covering the escalating conflict in Gaza. He briefly joined the show via satellite to give an update on the situation there.

O’Donnell talked about her health after her heart attack and her transition to a healthier lifestyle. She said that she is feeling a lot better. O’Donnell told Leakes, “I got my number yesterday, I am way up there. I don’t mean weight, I mean like good blood pressure and I’ve lost like twelve pounds. We are going for a pound a week.”

She added that she has been talking about her heart attack a lot. She said, “I keep telling everyone I had a heart attack and my kids are like, ‘Will you shut up already?’ And I am like, ‘No, I had a heart attack.’”

O’Donnell also talked about her new wife, Michelle Rounds, whom she married five months ago. When a picture of Rounds was brought up, O’Donnell said, “There’s my beautiful wife Michelle, look at her, she’s skinny and perfect.” She added, “She is lovely inside as well.”

Watch a clip of Rosie O’Donnell on the Anderson Cooper show below.