When he’s not busy winning golf championships, Rory McIlroy rubs elbows with US presidents – a lunch date with Bill Clinton and an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nomination for George W. Bush.

Yesterday he tweeted a photograph of a lunch date with Bill Clinton, captioned: “Had a great time catching up today with @billclinton, always a pleasure and education spending time in his company!”

Had a great time today catching up with @billclinton, always a pleasure and education spending time in his company! pic.twitter.com/6mlb8KEmzW

— Rory Mcilroy (@McIlroyRory) August 27, 2014

The two have had plenty of recent bonding time – McIlroy has publicly praised the former president for his part in ending the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and the two have played a few rounds of golf in Dublin.

After McIlroy won the British Open in July, Clinton tweeted at his friend:

Congrats @McIlroyRory on your 2014 British Open title. See you for another round next time I'm in Ireland.

— Bill Clinton (@billclinton) July 21, 2014

McIlroy’s presidential circle of friends doesn’t stop at Clinton, however. He recently nominated George W. Bush to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which the former president graciously accepted:

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