The Irish tenor Ronan Tynan, who hit the headlines last year for allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks to a real estate broker in his Manhattan building, plans to put the controversy behind him this Thursday when he sings at the annual meeting of the Anti Defamation League in Boston.

Controversy erupted last year over a remark Tynan made to a woman looking at an apartment in his Manhattan building that she called anti-Semitic.  

The ensuing flap led the Yankees to drop Tynan as the singer of "God Bless America" during their home games.

But Derek Shulman, the ADL’s New England director, said the Irish singer’s supporters in the ADL have always accepted his explanation that his awkward attempt at humor was misconstrued by his accuser.

"We’re delighted that Ronan will be joining us," said Shulman. "And all fans of Red Sox Nation know that the Yankees’ loss is our gain."