Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood has been arrested after assaulting his Russian girlfriend over a row about his Irish castle.

Witnesses state that the 61-year-old rock legend had a drunken row with his 23-year-old Russian girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova and tried to choke her on the street. He also threatened to stub a cigarette out on her face.

The Daily Mail reports the pair were fighting because Ivanova wanted Wood to put his $5 million dollar mansion in Kildare, Ireland where he lived for many years into her name.

A friend quoted by the newspaper stated "There is no way that Ronnie can do this as he is being forced to sell a lot of his properties to make a divorce settlement for his wife Jo. But Kat wants proof that he loves her.'

The fight took place near the London suburban home where Wood is now living.

Former health center manager Phillip Legge and his wife Celine told the newspaper how they were woken by the pair arguing outside their house.

'We had just gone to bed at about 10.45 p.m. when we heard this man shouting and screaming at the top of his voice," Legge said.

"He was shouting, "You are a f***ing b****" and then "You are a f***ing w****" and it was really loud.

"I could hear a woman screaming for him to leave her alone and initially thought it was two people just having a row. But the screaming went on and on and I went downstairs and then out into the street.

"It was then I saw this man dragging a woman down the road. She had been on the floor by a shop-front to begin with and he was towering over her screaming abuse into her face. He had really viciously turned on her."

"He started to put his hands around her throat. She was in a terrible state. She was wearing shorts and a striped top and red coat but her hair was all over the place, her tights were ripped and torn and there were grazes all over her legs."

Friends of the guitarist have claimed that Wood is "most definitely" drinking again. Police say they arrested a man after a "serious assault."