One of U2's most popular anthems has been lauded as one of the best songs of all time - can you guess what it is? 

It's been used for advertising campaigns, featured in movies and TV, and it's most definitely a crowd-pleaser at U2 gigs. Beautiful Day, certainly is, one of the greatest tracks ever released.

It's evidently not just us who thinks it either - music authority Rolling Stone counted the tune as number 40 on their list of the best songs released so far this century.

The outlet have just released their top 100 tracks of the century - an update of earlier lists published in 2009 and 2011. 

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Profiling the song, the music mag recalls an interview with Bono ahead of the song's 2000 release. 

“We had this song called ‘Beautiful Day,'” he said. “A surf-punk song, and now it’s a New Age hymn, and we’ve been chasing it around for a couple of days, and this morning we came up with something. Maybe it’s on the record.” It wound up being the lead single, giving U2 a much-needed mega hit after a long dry spell in the 1990s. The song, about finding joy in the face of horrific hardship, was almost left on the cutting-room floor, because the band felt it sounded too much like the U2 of old. “You know, when people wanted the old Coke back and the corporation caved in to the people?” Bono said. “We knew the sucker punch that that guitar riff would be. We knew it would look like the corporation caving in.” 

Beautiful Day has amassed over 115 million views on YouTube, garnered three Grammy Awards, and has been played at every single one of the band's shows since its debut performance in Miami on March 24th, 2001.

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The all-encompassing countdown included hits from pop stars like Madonna, vocal powerhouses such as Adele, rappers Kanye West, indie band The Strokes , and boyband sensation Harry Styles. (Niall Horan did not get a look in!

The music bible named Bey-once's Crazy In Love - on which she was joined by her soon-to-be husband Jay-Z - as the top song of the past two decades.