Miley Cyrus mania arrives in Dublin just in time for Christmas, as the Disney superstar will play her first live concerts in Ireland on December 16 and 17. The tickets go on sale this Friday and are sure to be snapped up in a jiffy, given that Miley’s alter ego “Hannah Montana” is just about as big in Ireland as she is here.

Though there’s no denying that Miley/Hannah are beloved by tweens the world over, the clean-living, hard-working Miley shouldn’t be considered a role model for girls, this according to none other than Peaches Geldof, the wild child daughter of Sir Bob. 

Peaches feels the young ladies would be better served by looking to her as an example of how to live life, believe it or not. 

The deluded 20-year-old told the Sun tabloid in London, "Maybe I'm a better role model than people like Miley Cyrus. These girls that have been upheld as role models who are literally just girls who have been ferried from place to place, media trained, told what to do and just like complete veneers of people -- people who are not even real.

"I've made mistakes, now I've come up from that and I've really bettered myself. I did my growing up in the spotlight and that is kind of difficult, but I was born into it. It used to be something I had so much fun with, it was tumultuous. And now I'm like a woman now."

Hmmmm . . . all you moms and dads out there, let’s take a look at Peaches’ role model credentials: married and divorced at 19 years old; videotaped buying drugs, with the evidence splashed across British newspapers; constantly snapped at London nightclubs at all hours of the morning with different male companions; photographed topless on a beach, with a zillion bizarre tattoos all over her body . . . we could go on and on, but you get the idea.

So, who would you like your impressionable daughter to idolize, Miley or Peaches? A no-brainer, right?!