Roisin Murphy returns to the fray on November 13 with the release here of her “Orally Fixated” single, which is currently streaming on her MySpace page.

“It’s kind of quite gritty,” the former Moloko disco diva tells Hot Press of the sessions that have spawned it, “and I’m working with some cool guys here in London. It’s got a slightly London sound to it -- it’s a bit more urban than ‘Overpowered,’ which was my last album. It’s a bit more bassy.”

“Eat me,” she coos atop a frantic electronic beat before advising her lover to “give your mouth a rest.” Okay, then! That’s about as subtle as it gets! Try as I might, I have been unable to stop humming the bass line.

The single marks a new chapter in Murphy’s career now that she has severed her alliance with EMI. She is planning to release “bundles” of tracks before inking a new deal with some label and putting out an album.

“I think there are all sorts of ways of doing it,” she resumes. “I’m a good artist to maybe do very special packaging for physical releases. I’m fascinated to find new ways of releasing the tracks I make to go along with the modern world.”

It might be a while before we get to see her live, as Murphy is nine months pregnant. Best of luck to her on her new bundle of joy!