Legendary film critic Roger Ebert took firm aim at John Cusack in his review of the Irish American’s latest comedy “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and gave him the proverbial thumbs up.

Ebert, whose opinion is highly regarded and sought, was won over by the movie about four friends who time travel back to the 1980s after a mishap in the hot tub.

Ebert hinted at his pro Cusack position in the first paragraph.

“As a general rule, he (Cusack) isn't found in bad film.”

From here, Ebert has good things to say about the flick, complimenting Rob Corddry on a movie- stealing turn as the alcoholic friend and ending with another pro Cusack gem:

“The bottom line is, gross-out guy comedies open twice a month, and many of them are wretched excesses. "Hot Tub Time Machine," which wants nothing more than to be a screwball farce, succeeds beyond any expectations suggested by the title, and extends Cusack's remarkable run: Since 1983, in 55 films, he's never made a bad one. Well, I never saw "Grandview, USA."

Having this man on your side is no bad thing for your movie prospects.

The film opens today, take a look at the trailer: