Kevin Costner is set to play the right-hand man  to the plantation owner in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” according to

The movie is about a man name Django, a freed slave, who becomes a bounty-hunter's apprentice and thus becomes a pretty impressive hunter himself. With the help of the hunter he trained with, he tracks down his wife, who is still a slave and attempts to save her from her evil plantation owner.

According to an unnamed tipper, “This film deals with racism as I've rarely seen it handled in a Hollywood film,” reported. It’s supposed to be just as violent and deals with heavy issues exactly the same way as it did it did in “Inglorious Bastards”- think of the way Tarantino portrayed the fight against the Nazis, apply that to racist plantation owners, and you’ve got “Django Unchained.”

Notable actors already enlisted in the film include Leonardo DiCaprio as plantation owner Calvin Candie, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, potentially Kerry Washington, and Jamie Foxx as Django.

Costner’s soon-to-be character’s name is Ace Woody, and according to, “it's a real surprise turn for an actor most associated with good guy roles.” Woody’s job on the plantation is to train the male slaves to fight each other for the white people’s entertainment, and to control the female slaves that are eventually forced into prostitution. Apparently, he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to killing slaves that don’t do exactly as he orders.

Currently, Costner is in the process of filming Zack Snyder’s “Superman: Man of Steel” as Pa Kent and will begin shooting “Django Unchained” soon after the film’s completion. The film is set to begin production via The Weinstein Company early this fall.


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