Robin Gibb’s Irish-born wife Dwina Murphy Gibb investigated alternative treatments in a desperate effort to save her husband, who has just passed away from liver cancer.

The self described Celtic druidess tried what she called spider medicine to save him.

She received it from medicine men from a Florida Indian tribe that she claimed saved her life when she was bitten by a poisonous spider.

She said, “I was very sick and had a ­temperature of 103F. I was finally cured after meeting the medicine men.

“Robin and I befriended them after Hurricane ­Andrew in 1992 when we helped them rebuild their lives.

“This incredible Indian tribe introduced Robin and I to something called ‘Spider Medicine’ that ­apparently contains ­properties that can help you get well from certain untreatable illnesses.

“They offered to help us both if we were ever very ill again and in need of their Spider Medicine.” It apparently contains properties that can help you get well from certain untreatable illnesses,” Dwina said.

Though Robin earned fame and fortune from his years with the Bee Gees, Dwina also made her mark. A native of Co. Tyrone, she’s a bisexual writer, artist, playwright, ordained Druid priestess, lover of Irish history and owner of two Irish wolfhounds.

The couple, married for 29 years and parents of a 28-year-old son, had a colorful life.

They  talked about having an “open” marriage in the past, and indeed their relationship was wide open a few years back when Robin fathered a daughter with their former housekeeper who is in her mid-thirties.

Dwina was said to be furious over the eight-year affair and the birth of Snow Robin, now three. But the marriage survived and mother and child live in luxury not far from the Gibbs’ main base in Oxfordshire, England. 

When asked last year about his marriage to Dwina, Robin said, “AlI I can say about that is it’s rock-solid and that’s the most important thing to me. I’ve never felt anything different.”

Prior to his illness being revealed, Robin was working on a classical piece of music called “The Titanic Requiem” to commemorate the 100th anniversary  of the ill-fated Belfast-built luxury liner.  It was due to be played at the Royal Albert Hall in London this year.

Dwina Murphy and her late husband Robin Gibb photographed at a breast cancer awareness eventHollywood Reporter