The late, great Bee Gee Robin Gibb, who passed earlier this year, is fondly remembered by his Co. Tyrone-born wife Dwina, who remains in the English mansion they shared with their son RJ.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mirror in the U.K., heartbroken Dwina revealed that she still makes her late husband a cup of tea every day, and keeps his books on his side of their bed.

“While most people may have an old answer phone message of their loved one’s voice if they’re lucky, I can watch Robin’s old videos, and turn on the radio and listen to him singing,” she says.

“It feels like something divine to me. I’m going to listen to his voice every day for the rest of my life.”

Dwina, 59, whose maiden name is Murphy, has more than 100 pictures of her beloved in their huge living room alone, reports the Mirror.  She and her son will never want for a penny, given that Robin left a will worth over $150 million – and he made a provision for the three-year-old love child that he fathered with the couple’s former housekeeper.

“Let’s just say Robin made sure everyone in his life was taken care of. They’ve been sufficiently provided for – everyone has,” Dwina offers.

RJ, 29, says that his father used to love the family’s two Irish wolfhounds, Olly and Missy, who still miss his presence.

“When my dad was lying in state in the chapel on the grounds, Olly refused to leave his side.  He maintained a 12-hour overnight vigil, sleeping beside the coffin,” says RJ.

Dwina, a practicing Druid priestess whose website says she has a lifelong interest in Irish history, is hoping that a memorial concert with some of Robin’s friends will take place next year.

“John Travolta called the hospital and spoke to Robin when he was there, and was lovely after he died. So many well-known friends have been in touch, and the messages are still flooding in,” she says.

Dwina and Robin GibbNick Holt