Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan are wrapping up filming on "Remember Me," in which the Irish actor plays the father of teenage idol Pattinson.

Friday was one of their last days on the set — but  insiders are betting that it's not the last time the two will be linked.

IrishCentral sources say the two have talked at length  about the "James Bond franchise," in which Brosnan was a key player. Pattinson made clear during the Cannes film festival that he loves the role of the supercool 007.  Brosnan who played Bond before Daniel Craig took over the role, made clear to the young superstar that he feels the Brit could be next in line to play the role.

The two have "bonded" on the film set, and Brosnan also had words of advice for Pattinson on how to handle the pitfalls of fame and celebrity. Just a few years back, Brosnan was the hottest thing in movies — the place where Pattinson is now. Extra scurity had to be ordered during the final week of the shoot because there were so many female fans seeking to catch a glimpse of Pattinson.

Next up for Brosnan -- who also has his own film production company  — will be a self-financed film, while Pattinson will star  in the sequel to "Twilight."

Both men expect to stay in touch however, according to sources.