Hollywood heart-throb Robert Pattison is launching his own brand of underwear.

In a move likely to quicken the pulse of women worldwide, the Twilight vampire-star has signed a lucrative deal with British retailer Marks and Spencer to put his own line of underwear on the shelves of the UK and Ireland.The Irish-American celeb is said to be very excited about the prospect of launching the underwear - and of making the money.

The underwear will be able to be comfortably worn with skinny trousers and will be fitted in style.

The range is going to be called the R-Pant range.

And excitement about the new range is spreading world over. An Indian TV producer told The India Times how: “Anything to do with Robert Pattinson is always welcome. I think the sale would be huge as Robert is quite popular amongst youngsters be it men or women.. everyone loves him.. at least no one would ask him for his underpants now which has happened! Every one would have one be it guys or girls.”

“Maybe lots of women will buy them for their husbands and boyfriends,” speculated an executive a mens’ magazine to the newspaper.