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Teenage girls (and probably a whole lot of adult women) LOVE “Twilight’s” Edward Cullen – which means they love real-live Robert Pattinson, who plays the much-desired vampire in the “Twilight” movies, even more.

So what is it about Pattinson that 14-year-olds worldwide are swooning over? Is it his brooding expression, his sexily disheveled coif, his British charm?

Or is it the fact that the 23-year-old actor looks like an elderly Irish drunkard?

According to Pattinson, it was his captivating drunk Irish looks that nabbed him the coveted role of Cullen in the “Twilight” film franchise.

Back in November 2008, Metromix asked Pattinson why he thinks he stood out from the 5,000+ actors who auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen.

"I think because a lot of people are willing to go in and play some kind of Adonis. And they have the body and everything," he said.

“There's a lot of guys, especially in L.A., who can walk down the street and look like some kind of Greek god, statuesque guy. [And that's not me.] Especially not last year. I was like this chubby-looking.

“I looked kind of like an old, Irish alcoholic.”

And there you have it, folks. What’s Edward Cullen’s secret for landing roles and impressing the ladies? He maintains his Shane MacGowan-esque appearance.

Pattinson went on to talk about how uncomfortable he was in the “perfect” Edward Cullen role, and he is quite endearing while explaining how he secured the role.

“How uncomfortable I felt trying to play this perfect guy, it kind of inspired my performance when I was in the room 'cause I had no idea how to play it,” he said.

“And I [was] this kind of broken, totally self-conscious person who hardly said anything. And I think they misinterpreted the whole thing, thinking I was this really intense, really passionate guy. And I just had no idea what I was doing.”

Either way, if Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson says something works, then it must be true – so thanks, RPattz, for making old Irish drunks cool!