Robert Pattinson's fourth Twilight movie will begin shooting in October, we're hearing.
The fourth and final installment of the vampire romance franchise, titled Breaking Dawn, could actually begin shooting that soon.
This time actor Christian Serratos, who will likely be staring in the film accidentally let the information slip at a recent Twilight convention that was held in Australia.
When asked about the shooting start date for the fourth movie, Serratos replied “October.” This is a direct contrast to Kristen Stewart’s comment that “No word is out yet.”
It is likely that they will be keeping the start date quiet for quite some time, as these plans can be subject to change depending on how well the third movie does when it is released.
Depending on the atmosphere, they may be willing to push the movie back or even begin shooting earlier if convenient in order to make the most out of the movie launch.
Fans of the series and of Robert Pattinson can mark the month down on their calendar as the start date for the fourth Twilight film.