Someone hurry the hell up and give Robbie boy a date for the shooting of the fourth Vampire 'Twilight' installment.

Robert Pattinson is better known to the world as Edward Cullen, vampire extraordinaire, in the 'Twilight' movies.

Robert, who has already played the role as Edward Cullen in the first two movies; has just finished shooting the third installment, 'Eclipse' which is due to hit theaters this summer.

And now he is ready for a date to be set for the fourth and last movie, 'Breaking Dawn.'

Rpatz has told friends he is anxious to get a date for the fourth movie so he can pen it into his diary.

Pattinson, who was relatively unknown - well to me anyway- until the Twilight saga blew up, is in popular demand, so it's very important he has a date for the last 'Twilight' movie so he can work his other offers around it.

Robert- or Edward as I like to call him - plays a vampire who stays 17 forever. Unlike his vampire life, Robert can't stay young looking forever, even with all that white vampire make-up, so producers better set that date quickly before my heartthrob needs to get botox just so he can continue to play a 17-year-old.