Robert Pattinson made an ass of himself on the “Hope for Haiti” telethon last night.

The British star was one of those making an appeal for funds, but proved he couldn't hack it in the big leagues.

He didn't even think it important enough to show up live, but his contribution was pre-recorded. He is so much more important than Bono, Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Jack Nicholson or the like. Hey, it’s only Haiti.
He was trying to be far too cool and striking a pose unlike every other presenter who just got on with the job on hand, which was to deliver funds for the poverty stricken homeless and hurt in Haiti.

Robert however, came on stage unkempt, dressed in trampish clothes, mumbled his lines, spoke in a very low voice and made no sense whatever.

Compared to pros like Ben Stiller, Morgan Freeman and Anderson Cooper, Pattinson came across like  a cranky child, unwilling to do his work.

Stellar music acts like Sting, Bono and Madonna gave the night a wonderful energy and sense of hope.

Robert Pattinson gave the impression he wanted to be anywhere else – and indeed he was by taping it. Which is pretty much in keeping with this self-obsessed, poser who has somehow cracked the limelight.

Not for long I'd wager.

Robert Pattinson