So the 23-year-old Robert Pattinson has admitted he couldn't get a date before “Twilight.”

“Last year I wasn’t even able to get a date and now it seems women have changed their minds about me," he told OK! magazine.

This just proves my point about the British wimp – take the cameras and the makeup off him and he's the king of the girly men.

I mean look at the guy. The big hair belongs on a New Jersey “Sopranos” housewife. The pale skin belongs on a Jane Austen heroine from the 19th century when that look was fashionable and women regularly had attacks of the “vapors” – i.e. they fainted when under stress.

(He does have something in common with the 19th century types – he doesn't wash and neither did they – which is why they wore powdered wigs to disguise the smell.)

Robert has not fainted but he has given the impression of being a pretty boy with little macho strut like a true Hollywood star – think Bogart, Cary Grant, Neeson, Farrell.

No, Robert is never going to be that macho guy. He'd probably look good in pink tights playing Hamlet as a famous English actor once played the Prince of Denmark.

The vampire role suits this kind of paleface shtick because, well, he's supposed to be undead for much of the film – when he's not flying out of trees like one of Tarzan’s monkeys.

But once “Twilight” has passed – and boy we can't wait for that – then Robert is going to have to compete on equal terms with other Hollywood leading actors.

My sense is that he will fail miserably to measure up. I mean the guy admits he couldn't get a date before becoming that “Twilight” freak.

Women won't usually fall for girly men – they won't in Robert's case either. But he would do well as Curly with that mop of hair in a remake of “The Three Stooges.”