Robert Pattinson has finally revealed why he smells so bad — it's to put off the paparazzi.

Co-star Peter Facinelli tells New York Magazine that Pattinson learned that if he appears in the same clothes all the time, the paparazzi can't sell the photographs.

Facinelli may be the person responsible for this smelly ruse. He says he told Pattinson that it was one surefire way to keep the paparazzi away. Thanks a lot, Peter!

Co-star Ashley Greene, who plays his sister in "New Moon," says she tries to avoid breathing when he's around, jokingly saying, "I don't sniff him."

Director Chris Weitz says he's "thankful the actor smells, because he can smell him coming."

Charming stuff!

Remember the opening lines in the profile of Rpatz on Vanity Fair, in which the reporter finds him in a smelly hotel room with his clothes strewn all over the place? Rings through given this latest story.

Hey Robert, wise up — take a bath. Vampires can be clean, too!