Robert Pattinson is no one's fool. He's already realized that with great fame comes great isolation. For him life has gotten more exciting but it has also gotten smaller. Nowadays there are more places he can not go to than ever before.
He even feel uncomfortable being the very thing that made him famous: a great beauty. Don't call me a 'hunk' he told the press this week.
The 'Twilight' star said that he doesn't think of himself as a 'hunk' and could not possibly live up to the media hype surrounding him in any case.
According to Showbiz Spy, the young actor said: 'I can never live up to the image that the media have created, I am not that 'hunk'.'
'Besides that there is always the fear that women only want to date me because I'm famous, and with a little bad luck they will go straight to the gossip press afterward.'
He knows they would. 99 times out of a hundred. And he knows that's made the world a colder place. Let's hope he's already meet the 1 in 100.