"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson, though only 24-years-old, already has plans to emulate George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio and set up his own movie and music production company.

In an exclusive interview with Fox All Access he described how he has big plans for the future but realizes that he needs more experience and standing in the Hollywood scene to make a production company of that sort work.

He said "I want to start a thing that encompasses music, film and writing as well. It's just time. I don't think I've established myself enough in film and definitely not music, I haven't done anything in music.

"Yeah. I think you need to have a lot of goodwill towards you to get one really going. You look at George Clooney's company and stuff like that, they make great movies which wouldn't be made otherwise, and Leonardo DiCaprio's company as well. He's got really great people working there, they've all got really good taste and he's made a lot of people a lot of money. I can't start now but I want everything all at once.
For now there's no rush. Pattinson will finish filming the last film in the "Twilight Saga" this fall and will then move on to other movie projects.

It's good to see that he has plans to expand his interest and repertoire and that he plans to be involved in the industry for a very long time to come.