Robert Pattinson is planning a huge surprise for "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart who turns 20 on Friday!

The two have been separated for the past number of weeks by the Atlantic with Kristen in America publicizing "The Runaways" and Pattinson in Europe filming "Bel Ami."

Bemused locals in Hungary looked on Tuesday as Pattinson paraded in authentic period garb as he filmed scenes with costar Kristin Scott Thomas.

Meanwhile, the "Twilight" producers released this smoochy shot of the two from the upcoming "Eclipse" which is due out June 30.

"Eclipse" will be a darker take on the Bella-Edward-Jacob story and will feature some inexplicable deaths in Seattle.

Bella will become the target of Bryce Dallas Howard's vampire and Bella must also finally choose between Pattinson's vampire Edward Cullen or Taylor Lautner's werewolf Jacob.

Hmm, tough choice when you think of it!