Rumors are circulating on the internet about Robert Pattinson's time away from Kristen Stewart while he is in Toronto filming 'Cosmopolis.' With the 'Twilight' films behind them, the two young stars are rarely seen together anymore.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Pattinson has been seen partying around Toronto. According to, one of his favorite hangouts is 'The Crooked Star.' But a source says he's only hanging out with the guys.

“Rob comes in here sometimes with a group of guys, who are all different ages,” an insider told the site. “I think they are his crew members.”

The source added, “He’s really quiet and no one bugs him or his group at all. Usually he just has a few beers, but he never gets wasted. Whenever I see him, he’s always laughing and having a good time. It seems like he comes here to unwind.” has also reported that Pattinson frequents Toronto's Dakota Bar and the reservation-only Goodnight! Bar.