So Robert Pattinson is denying a fake interview with the Daily Mirror in which he says he is single.

It came just as photographs of him and Kristen Stewart getting cozy at a rock concert surfaced.

But how can we believe him?

This guy has the most powerful PR machine in modern Hollywood. He’s getting $10 million a movie and there’s a reason for that.

They plant more stuff about Robert Pattinson than farmers in Iowa plant corn.

All those “accidental” RPatz sightings? Fake, all set up by his PR people so a camera man can just happen to catch him.

Don’t believe me? Ask any photog that covers him.

That story about him being knocked over by a taxi when escaping from a mob of hormone-charged women in New York?

Complete fabrication as it turns out. Who planted it? Who knows, but it certainly got Robert in the headlines.

This is the guy who raises money for AIDS research by selling his kisses for God’s sake. What kind of an ego do you need to do that?

Robert needs a role model, not a bunch of flimflam press agents who distort and lie about what he is really up to. He should talk to co-star Pierce Brosnan about how to handle himself.

What is he really up to? The truth is  he’ s not up too much—just like all the other egomaniacs and overpaid actors in Hollywood –just promoting himself.

So the Daily Mirror made it up? Surprised? You shouldn’t be – if the “interview” reflected well on Robert, you can bet the PR people would never have denied it.

That’s Hollywood folks.