This would give an aspirin a headache: Robert Pattinson, The Kardashians and Sarah Palin have all been named in People Magazine's "25 most intriguing people" list. My, my, if these are the most intriguing people I think my plumber, sanitation worker and local weirdo all have an excellent chance of cracking it next year – and no offense to those hard working folk.

Robert Pattinson is about as intriguing as a milk carton and not as useful. He has parlayed his one trick, pretending to be a scary vampire, into a career in Hollywood that is much more about being famous for being famous than any talent he has.

He is the one trick pony of our modern era, a handsome galoot who smells because he doesn't wash by all accounts, yet somehow attracts girls as a result. Girls want to bite him, he whines.

Go ahead girls but remember his brains are probably not in the usual place, so be careful, especially if you bite his ass.

The Kardashians are familiar creatures, who have been with us since the decline of the Roman Empire. An empire begins to totter when people focus on circuses more than bread, as Roman emperors found out to their cost. The Kardashians are a circus act, a dog and pony show that titillate and tease and end up meaning absolutely nothing. The Kardashians are the biggest empty heads on television and that is saying something.

Sarah Palin is a perfect modern invention, a politician with no policies other than warmed-over prescriptions from the Reagan era. At least she's an angry white woman, as against angry white men for a change. Like the rest of them she is all sound and fury, signifying nothing in the end.

Intriguing? I don't think so. Scary, yes when you think she was almost a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Why don't People pick some really intriguing people – cancer researchers, humanitarian workers, politicians who stand for principle? Not likely in this celebrity obsessed age. More is the pity.