It had to happen. Since fans of Robert Pattinson, the hunky lead actor of the Twilight series, usually can't meet him in the flesh his waxwork at Madam Tussauds in New York City (located near Times Square) was almost fated to become the next best thing.

Obsessed Twilight fans are coming from around the globe to touch his hair, take a photo or two and really get a good look at the famous actor up close and personal. In fact so many people have come to see the new Robert Pattinson waxwork at the museum that he's outpacing every other celebrity now.

"I can confirm that R Patz has been a huge hit this weekend since joining the A list party at Madame Tussauds," the PR staff of the famous museum told the press. "In fact more people bought a picture of him than The Queen and Barack Obama put together!"

The actual figure cost 200,000 to make and then there has to be cleaning costs too but that doesn't stop the enterprising museum from thinking about placing other Robert Pattinson's in other locations so more fans can see him.

Of course some people would suggest there's no difference between the waxwork and the man, but that's just mean.