Robert Pattinson is bothered – especially by Halloween.

At least according to the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” version of the insanely famous “Twilight” star.

We first met the “bothered” Robert Pattinson when he climbed up into a tree to hate on “Shark Week.”

Jealous of the attention “Shark Week” was taking away from him, Pattinson (a dressed up Jimmy Fallon with an English accent) said: "Sharks are stupid. Sharks bite people when they smell blood. Sound familiar? Oh yeah, wait, they're like vampires. Copycat fishes.”

Now, Irish-American comedian and late night host Jimmy Fallon is back with another round of “Bothered with Robert Pattinson.”

Again, Rob climbs up in his tree, but this time he’s taking out his anger at holidays – specifically Halloween.

“Halloween is stupid,” Robert says.

“Oh hey I have a great idea – why don’t we have a child dress up so that it’s unrecognizable, and then send him to a stranger’s house and have the stranger feed your child. Is everyone cool with that? Is that weird to anyone here?” he asks.

RPatz, distressed about the spooky holiday, proclaims things like: “Costumes are stupid!” and “Pumpkins are dumb, fat squashes.”

Then the English actor gives us a mini-script of his greeting to trick or treaters: “Ding dong. Hello. Oh you’re dressed as Sponge Bob Square Pants. Here you go, here’s a candy bar. Now go f*ck yourself,” he says.

Rob settles down a bit when “Kristen Stewart,” i.e. a blowup doll with brown hair, shows up on the branch. He lovingly feeds Kristen, who’s dressed up as a witch, candy bars, but ultimately throws her from the tree.

There’s just no pleasing Robert Pattinson when he’s “bothered.”