The trailer for "Remember Me" is out, and it looks every bit as bad as I expected. In case you don't remember, this was the movie that was filmed all over New York last summer, with Robert Pattinson hounded by tabloids and 'tweeners.

It looks to me like it's much ado about nothing. This one plays to Robert Pattinson at his worst, one-dimensional, Jimmy dean wannabe, lost and lonely and tortured soul — oh give me a break.

There is the true Robert Pattinson character, moody, gloomy, brooding schoolboy — yes, the same role he reprises in every other movie. There's also Emile De Raven, who plays the daughter of the cop (played by Chris Coooper) who beats up poor Robert and then, of course, falls in love with Robert.

Dark secrets are unearthed, life is never the same. Robert is misunderstood. Poor Robert

The movie also stars Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, who may be the only bright spark in this film, playing Robert's father in his usual impeccable, arched-eyebrows way.

And then there's the teaser: "He broke the rules, he lost his way, then he let someone in." Wow, this stuff is really deep.

"Unforgettable story about the power of love" says the blurb on Yeah right, up there with "Madame Bovary" and "Anna Karenina."

Great, truly original and very unique — you might say. Bet a dime to a dollar I can spot the ending of this one already.

It's about as appetizing as the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers in my fridge.

It's set for a March 12 release.