Robert Pattinson had no idea what he was getting into when he accepted the role of Edward in 'Twilight' says his Bel Ami costar and old friend Natalia Tena.

Tena, who plays Osha on The Game of Thrones, met Pattinson on a photo shoot for up-and-coming stars when they were teens, reports the Herald. She also starred in the Harry Potter series as Tonks.



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“We had this summer of being really close,” the 26-year-old actress and musician said. “Then I remember Robert taking me out a few months later. He was like, ‘I’m just saying goodbye because I’m going to America for a few months to do some vampire thing.’ I said, ‘Cool, I’ll see you when you get back.’ Now he’s massive. Literally massive. He used to be like a Labrador puppy, but he’s much more mature and serious now.”