Twilight star Robert Pattinson fears his career after “Twilight” may resemble Leonardo DiCaprio’s ongoing connection with the film “Titanic”.

To explain his concerns of always being connected to Edward Cullen, Pattinson compared himself to Leonardo DiCaprio, whose name is still closely connected to the hit film ‘Titanic’ despite it being released over a decade ago.

“You can look at big things that happened in the past, like ‘Titanic.’ I mean DiCaprio has done so many movies, huge, huge movies . . . how long ago was that, like, 14 or 15 years ago. And, like, I see him doing interviews now, every interview, somebody is mentioning ‘Titanic’.” he told Fantastico, a Brazilian entertainment website.

Pattinson’s concern of one role overshadowing his career is not groundless. Other actors who have starred in large roles have faced this problem before.For instance, actor Daniel Radcliffe is still widely known for his role as Harry Potter even though he has challenged himself by starring in “Equus” on the West End stage and different movies, such as “The Woman in Black.”

Pattinson already feels somewhat separated from the Twilight saga even though he starred as one of the protagonists, Edward Cullen. He feels that the film is owned by the Twilight fans. He said about the films, “It’s weird as well, when they seem like they exist independently of you. It’s not like I’m saying ‘This is my movie go and watch it.’ In a lot of ways, it’s owned by the fans of it.” He added, “There’s a separation between it. Whereas, if you do a little movie that no one’s going to see unless you see it, it’s a different energy.”

Pattinson says he knows that he will never be able to fully escape the Twilight saga and that he has prepared himself for that even as his career has changed. Pattinson does not want to act in big movies because those do not really appeal to him. He said, “I didn’t always want to be an actor, so I don’t want to act in anything; I want to be in the movies that I would buy before I started acting.”

He hopes to do more cutting edge material. Pattinson said, “Generally, there’s about 30 directors who I want to work with, and I want to do things which are dangerous and cutting edge.”

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