It can't be easy becoming the most famous young man in the world, but there are some things Robert Pattinson is already getting right.

Number one, this week he confessed he has no desire to be a role model. Number two, he's finally learned to call it like he sees it.

The young actor, who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series (so beloved by teen girls, not so much by the rest of us) says it's down to children's own parents to teach them right from wrong; particularly when it comes to teen sex.

In an interview with 'Contactmusic,' R-Patz said: 'Being a role model? That's the least of my concerns. I think it's so ridiculous, people putting pressure on the arts. I think parents should be the ones who teach kids.'

'The more you try to hide things like that, the more exciting and appealing they are. The abstinence movement is only a reaction to everybody being so obsessed with sex for the past 20 years or so.'

He added: 'It's crazy to think that young people, when their hormones are most raging, are suddenly like, 'Oh, I don't want any of that.'

I'm sure Bristol Palin would agree. The abstinence only program didn't do her much good, did it?