Though Robert Pattinson is a fan of the romantic comedy genre, his reasons for not going near them are twofold; he’s never read a good one and he doesn’t want to have a Hugh Grant-like career.

The ‘Remember Me” start was talking to British channel ITV’s breakfast show GMTV.

"I'd love to (star in a romantic comedy) but they're always just so rubbish. I mean it's like... I'd absolutely love to do it but I've literally never read a good rom-com script,” said the 23-year-old.

“I think it's such a typical career choice for me as well to be honest - if you do a big franchise thing, especially for English guys, you know, (it's natural to) try and do a Hugh Grant part or something, which I don't think would be the best idea for me, mainly because it's quite hard to be Hugh Grant."