Should Robert Pattinson pursue a comedic role? Some Hollywood experts think so!

Known for his dramatic, and somewhat moody roles, the actor should try comedy next, insiders are saying, according to

“His Water for Elephants and Remember Me didn’t go over too well, so I’d stick away from drama,” Matthew Cole Weiss, director of Standing Still, said. “If he has comedic chops, that would gain him a lot more fans that aren’t teenage girls. But I think the best thing for him to do is work with HUGE directors in ensemble type films–like Soderbergh.”



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Career Strategist and Family and Marriage Therapist Dr. Philip Dembo of said: “You have to look at the theme of Rob Pattinson‘s roles, they have been primarily dark, misunderstood characters. I suggest he lighten it up and show us a different side to him.”

Still, others suggest the 25-year-old actor should stick with what he knows.

“He was great in Water For Elephants, it just wasn’t financially successful,” said a premiere talent agency assistant who wished to remain anonymous. “I think he should stay in those realms of film. Drama is right up his alley!”