In a charitable one-night only first reading of ‘Twilight: The Musical,’ audience members were treated to a first hand look at the progress that is the journey of making a musical from the worldwide phenomenon book series that is ‘Twilight.’

Gemma Wilson, writing for Broadway Buzz, gave a recap of the one-night special. Interestingly, the play goes head-to-head with another worldwide sensation - Harry Potter.

Yes, the 'Twilight' teens battle it out with the Hogwarts crew in the Broadway play that is still very much in development.

Though Harry, Hermoine, and pals ultimately fall to Edward and Bella and company in the scope of the play, Wilson writes that there is an apparent message that draws comparisons between the morals of the two teen hits.

"You were willing to sacrifice everything to get a boyfriend. In the end, you destroyed yourself,” says Harry to Bella at the end of the play.

The reading took place on January 16th at New World Stages in New York City, playing host to screaming (and howling) teenage fans. The play, based on the book written by Ashley Griffin, features music from four different composers and was directed by Gabriel Barre.


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The actors had only 24 hours to prepare for their one-night-only reading of the play, which provided “more than $3,000 for Blessings in a Backpack, an organization that makes sure elementary schoolers whose families qualify for Free and Reduced Price Meal program have enough to eat on weekends, as well.”

Chosen to play Bella was Meghann Fahy, who mimicked Kristen Stewart’s thought patterns while performing.

"There are so many Kristen Stewart-isms that I adore,” ‘Twilight’ fan Fahy told "Like—how do I say this?—being perplexed by your own thoughts, because they’re just so huge that you can’t even say them."

Colin Hanlon was picked to take on the role of teen heart throb and vampire Edward Cullen.

“I don’t look like him, so I had to pick out a couple of his little quirks,” Hanlon said, of playing the role of Edward. “Like, he always has his head down, and he’s always standing over [Bella] in kind of an intimidating way, and every word out of his mouth is like he’s trying to do Shakespeare and ... it’s not," he said. "The more seriously you can take that character, that’s what makes it funny.”

"What we just did is so ridiculous," Fahy said of the radical stage adaption of 'Twilight', "and really, that’s the reason it works.”

The play continues to be in development for the rest of the month.