Robert Pattinson left London via Healthrow airport yesterday, with just his guitar as companion. Kristen Stewart left Los Angeles via LAX yesterday.
A number of media sources say that they were both spotted in their respective airports, and that both are headed for Vancouver, so they will be together in Canada.
Taylor Lautner will be there too, all three to do some final shooting on The 'Twilight' saga 'Eclipse' and to start to push their movie so fans won't forget the film will hit theaters at the end of June. As if the fans could ever forget.
The bigger question is are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart going to be together - as in boyfriend and girlfriend - as they do their work in Canada?
Pardon us if we doubt it.
These are actors playing roles that should not be confused with - you know - real life. We understand why the fans are tempted to put them together in reality too, but nothing about this so-called affair rings true.
The co-stars will go to the premiere of 'Eclipse' in Los Angeles on June 24 at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater. Will they walk the red carpet together? Certainly.
Will they be each other's date? Hmm, we don't think so.