The cast of “Twilight” are heading to Canada where they will continue shooting the latest installment of the vampire saga.

Twihard fans in Vancouver will be delighted to hear that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner and all the gang will be relocating there for a sting in March.

One source said: “They are wrapping things up in Baton Rouge but are heading up to Canada over the next week and will be filming in many districts. But they will only be shooting in the city of Vancouver on one day... March 14, they’ll be at a theatre for part of the day and then they’ll be filming on Beatty Street.”

According to the Vancouver Sun, pre-production has already started and several of the exterior film sets have been erected.

The house of Kristen Stewarts’s character Bella lives has been set up in Kerry Park in Surrey.

Sources say that filming will take place in the city of Vancouver on March 14. Cast members will be at a theatre and also on Beatty Street.

Jacob’s house was specially constructed for “Twilight Eclipse," watch the video of the house’s construction below.