As we learned when Robert Pattinson constantly hid out in his trailer while shooting “Remember Me” in New York with Irish actor Pierce Brosnan – the actor can’t handle the media frenzy.

And now it’s been revealed that the “Twilight” star’s aversion to tabloid and fan obsession is the reason he won’t date co-star Kristen Stewart.

New York gossips have reported that the two young actors are interested in dating each other, but the constant scrutiny from the media has destroyed any chance of them having a romantic relationship.

“Honestly, it makes it very hard for them to even be friends,” a source told the paper. “Maybe there could have been something between them, but it seems like all of the pressure surrounding their relationship has really killed it.”

To tone down the media buzz surrounding them, Pattinson, 23, and Stewart, 19, have requested to do separate interviews while making the rounds promoting the next installment in the “Twilight” saga “New Moon.”

“They really are good friends — and that’s all — but they want to avoid being seen together,” the Daily News insider said.

“Any time they’re photographed in the same place, the rumor mill just starts all over again, and that makes the paparazzi hound them even more.

“They requested to do things apart so the scrutiny around them will be a little less intense. Rob and Kristen didn’t want to even be in a position where people would assume something.”