Grace under pressure is Pierce Brosnan's advice to Robert Pattinson in how to deal with the hordes of female fans who seek him out.

Brosnan was speaking before the March 12 premier of "Remember Me," the movie he co-stars in with Pattinson.

Brosnan recalled how he and Pattinson both has motor homes on the set of "Remember Me," but his was quiet and no one sought him out -- while Pattinson's was surrounded by female fans.

Brosnan is quite happy that his days of being a sex symbol are over, but his advice to Pattinson is very sound.

What then would he make of Pattinson's weird interview with Details in which where he spoke about hating vaginas and various other off-putting comments?

Whatever Pattinson becomes, it is unlikely he will show the class that Brosnan has displayed.

I mean, can you imagine the suave Brosnan making those kinds of comments?