Now it looks as if Robert Pattinson may not make the Oscars either .

He will not be at The Golden Globes tonight, but the world's hottest star may also be missing in action on March 7 in Hollywood after Oscar producer Adam Shankman  tweeted friends that Pattinson was likely unavailable.

According to New York Magazine, Shankman' s tweet was about a scenario where RPatz did not show, and whether or not he should pursue Taylor Lautner or other “Twilight” stars or forget about them altogether.

The advice is pretty clear on that – without Pattinson, forget about “Twilight” stars.
Everyone will just ask the question “Where's Rob” if the British star does not show up and lesser cast members do.

Pattinson is that big in Hollywood at the moment. His co-stars are getting their buzz of course, but on the night of nights it either the big man or no one.

Oscar doesn't settle for second best and Shankman, if the tweets are to be believed  clearly believes that is the case. So Oscar is likely to be Robless – sorry girls.

Robert Pattinson: a no show at Oscars?