Twilight star Robert Pattinson was a hit with the ladies and Jon Stewart when he appeared on 'The Daily Show” on Tuesday night.

Pattinson was greeted by hoards of female fans screaming - and some even crying  - as they saw the English heartthrob take the stage.

Stewart, reacting to the women's screeches joked, "Ladies, there’s plenty of J. Stew to go around!"

Pattinson told Stewart that he has become accustomed to the out of control adoration his fans bestow upon him and said, "you can just ignore it. After a while it becomes part of your day."

Although he did say he was glad his fans didn't find out where he was staying while in New York promoting his upcoming movie "Remember Me," also starring Pierce Brosnan.

Stewart, who admits he isn't too familiar with the "Twilight" movies, joked about the character of Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, who has been linked to Pattinson romantically.

"Why can’t Bella Swan make up her mind? She uses Jacob as an emotional crutch and totally leads him on and we all know she fucking belongs with Edward! SHE BELONGS TO HIM!," Stewart shouts.

"I guess my point is this. WHY IS SHE SO SELFISH?!"

Pattinson’s response: "I wish I could answer any questions about Twilight. I have no idea . . ."