Robert Downey Jr. is "a monster" on set. The actor admits he can be prone to "aggressive outbursts" when shooting a film, which happen because he has to use up all his creative energy before he goes home.

Downey Jr. – who stars in Guy Ritchie's new movie “Sherlock Holmes” as the famous fictional detective of the film's name – said: "If it comes to aggressive outbursts regarding creative particulars, I'm a monster! I don't mean like I act badly or make people feel s***ty or anything, but I get really wedged up.

"It's all I've got in the day, until I get home to my actual life at home. It's all I've got."

Downey Jr., 44, also revealed his 15-year-old son Indio wrongly thinks his grandfather – the actor's director father, Robert Downey Sr. – is a hippy.

The “Iron Man 2” star told Shortlist magazine: "There was this book that came out called 'The Film Snob's Guide To Hollywood' or something, and they call him, 'hippy film director Robert Downey Sr. Father of,' and my kid thinks he's a hippy.

“I know I wasn't. I had my f***ing hair spiked up, snorting coke and was f***ing driving a Porsche. The last thing I was, was a hippy. But my kid thinks he was the original and I would not be doing all this if not for him. He had this time when he innovated and was a real auteur, a maverick guy."