Robert Downey Jr. doesn't mind being typecast. The American actor - who stars in Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes' as the fictional title character opposite Jude Law as sidekick Watson - said he often gets typecast in action roles, but he doesn't mind because for him it's the character in the movie which is the most important part.

The American star said: "Of course there are actors who start moaning about being typecast. But to be honest, you bear a lot more responsibility, because the project depends on you. And you have more influence. In that aspect it's a huge challenge. I never really care about the genre... I'm only interested in the character I'm playing."

The 44-year-old also said he won't be quitting the acting game anytime soon, despite the fact it "exhausts" him more as he's gotten older. He said: "It keeps me on the go - but only momentarily. And it does exhaust you a lot. I'm sure I'll do a drama very soon."

Robert also defended comments he recently made to TV host David Letterman where he suggested his character in 'Sherlock Holmes' was gay.

He told Welt Online: "I didn't beat about the bush. First of all, I know a lot of heterosexual men who are more effeminate than my gay friends. Some of those are the toughest guys I've known. But I don't want to evade. I did my homework - I did a lot of research about Holmes. You inevitably come across a homosexual subtext. I don't know if Conan Doyle intended it. If so, he was ahead of the times."