Will Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart adopt a bunch of babies from Africa and elsewhere now that they have been officially dubbed the new 'Brangelina?"

What to call them if they are indeed the new power couple in Hollywood?

How about Robstewart?

But that is too close to Rod Stewart the washed up singer so it would never do

Maybe Robkris, except it sounds kinda like someone just got robbed.

"Patstewart" sounds like some Irish guy you just met on a golf course while KristenRobert sounds like the daughter of the current Supreme Court Judge John Roberts.

Patkris isn't bad, while kristenson sounds like Kris Kristofferson's half brother.

Come to think of it Robkris sounds like the best name after all.

It includes both their abbreviated first names which means they are equally highlighted.

Then maybe Kristen would want krisrob and her name first.

Any ideas anyone?