"Riverdance", the Irish dance spectacular, joins forces with a cast of Olympic, world and national champion figure skaters for an NBC Sports television special that will air on Saturday, February 19 from 4-6 p.m. on the Eat Coast.  The program will be rebroadcast on the Hallmark Channel on March 15 from 6-8 p.m., and on March 21 from 1-3 p.m.

Riverdance -- On Ice was performed live with an audience in the Fall of 2010 at the Tsongas Center at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell.  The internationally-acclaimed company of brilliant dancers, singers and musicians performed on a specially-designed stage simultaneously with the choreographed skaters on the ice, all to the magic of Bill Whelan’s Grammy Award-winning music.

The skaters are 2010 Olympic bronze medalist and 2009 world silver medalist Joannie Rochette; 2008 world champion and 2006 Olympic bronze medalist Jeffrey Buttle; 2006 Olympic silver medalist and two-time world silver Medalist Sasha Cohen; 2006 Olympic silver medalists and five-time U.S. champions Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto; 1996 world champion and six-time U.S. national champion Todd Eldredge; three-time U.S. champion and two-time world bronze medalist Michael Weiss; eight-time British national champion and three-time Winter Olympian Steven Cousins; 10-time Canadian ice dancing champion Shae-Lynn Bourne; two-time U.S. medalist Emily Hughes; 2010 U.S. champions Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett; and seven-time British national champions Sinead and John Kerr
Composed by Bill Whelan, produced by Moya Doherty and directed by John McColgan, to date Riverdance, now in its 16th year, has played over 10,000 performances, and been seen live by more than 22 million people in over 350 venues throughout 40 countries across four continents.

They show has traveled over 600,000 miles, played to a worldwide television audience of two billion; sold over three million copies of the Grammy Award-winning CD (certified platinum in the U.S.) and over 10 million videos making it one of the best-selling entertainment videos in the world.

The Riverdance troupe of dancers and the champion ice skaters they performed with